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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Treat Cup Turkey Craft

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Thanksgiving Treat Place Marker

Here's a great idea for your Thanksgiving Day party. Make little treat cup turkeys like these for your guests. Use foam pieces or paper to build the layers and a plastic treat cup filled with fall colored Reese's Pieces. Follow the link for the full, step by step tutorial with pictures.

The Crafty Blog Stalker

Thanksgiving Hand Print Candy Turkey Craft

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Here's a fun spin on the traditional hand print turkey craft. Use candies like Reece's Pieces or m&m's to decorate the tail feathers. Get creative with this sweet idea. Follow the link for more.


Thanksgiving Paper Bag Turkey with Popcorn

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Paper Bag Turkey Finished

I just love this idea. I've seen paper bag drumstick or turkey crafts, but not with popcorn inside. This makes a great pre-Thanksgiving snack for the kids. They'll love cutting open the turkey and munching on popcorn. Follow the link for the full, step by step tutorial.


Paper Plate Turkey Thanksgiving Preschool Craft

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I really like this paper plate turkey craft. Just paint on some spirally shapes in fall colors and glue on the turkey pieces. Fun and simple, great for preschoolers. Follow the link below for the tutorial on this and lots of other reat Thanksgiving theme craft ideas.

Hello, Mamas

Thanksgiving Paper Cup Turkey Craft

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Here's a simple gobbler craft for Thanksgiving. Use a brown paper cup and a pom pom as a base for this cute turkey. Just add tail feathers and feet. Visit the great site below for more details.


Thanksgiving Mayflower Paper Cup Craft

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Use a paper cup and paper cup holder t make a cute Mayflower boat craft for Thanksgiving. Add paper and craft stick sails and flags. This is a great, simple craft activity for kids that helps teach the history of Thanksgiving. Follow the link below for more.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Easy Halloween ghost Costume

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Halloween little ghost...cute

Here's great inspiration for your little girl's Halloween ghost costume. Just add black eyes and mouth to a white dress/tutu for a cutie Halloween ghosty. Follow the link for more.


Halloween Self-Inflatable Ghost Balloon Science Craft

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Halloween Activity for Kids: Self-inflating Halloween Ghost

Vinegar and backing soda are the main ingredients to do this fun balloon ghost experiment. The chemical reaction produces gas that inflates the ghost balloon. Follow the link below for the full tutorial and video.

Mama Smiles

Cute Pipe Cleaner Chameleon Craft

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Here's a cute pipe cleaner chameleon craft that's a lot easier than it looks. This is a great craft to do with a unit about chameleons, lizards, or animals. Visit the great site below for more details.

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